Apprehension : Outdoor Retail Security System in Seattle

Mike YoungSuper star Operator Mike Young dispatched the Snohomish County Sheriff to a motorcycle shop in the northern Seattle area last night after receiving trips from the outdoor retail security system at the shop’s yard at 11:15 p.m. Police arrived on the scene to find a man and a woman outside the fence. The man had a stolen motorcycle with him, though it wasn’t from that particular store. The woman had multiple warrants. Fortunately, the pair was apprehended before gaining entry to the shop. Both suspects have been arrested.

outdoor retail security systemProtecting the perimeter of your retail shop is critical for loss prevention, but what do you define as the perimeter? This apprehension demonstrates that detection before entry is essential. Had this shop installed sensors only at the doors and inside the shop, Mike would not have dispatched police until the suspects were already inside or nearly there. With outdoor retail security system protection, the intruders’ movements were picked up in the yard and a potential loss was thwarted. We would love to talk with you about how to protect the perimeter and interior of your retail store or other kind of business. Let us know you would like to find out more by filling our our assessment request form found in the red button at the top of this page.