Our Verification Center Has Been Busy Recently!

Spencer Jones was in the Verification Center Saturday evening when he received alarm signals from a school in Snohomish. He then contacted the local police department and alerted the emergency contacts. Police called back to say that the door had been kicked in. Two juvenile boys were caught by police. The door was pried open with a screwdriver, a flat pry bar and a pair of pliers. Sugar sprinkles and a computer mouse were also taken but were found on the boys.
It was late evening on the 8th when Keliah Quincy received panic alarm signals from a gas station in Portland. He called inside and spoke to a woman who said someone came inside then attacked a coworker. The woman said police were already on site and Keliah alerted the emergency contacts. Turns out it was a mentally unstable homeless man that came in and stole a bag off the shelf. When the employee tried to stop him, he attacked the employee. A cab driver came in and said they apprehended him three blocks away. He had attacked the cab driver prior to going into the gas station.