Operator Keeps Employee Safe as Burglar Ransacks Dental Office Using Audio Security

An alert Sonitrol Pacific operator kept an employee at a Tacoma area dental office from walking in on a burglary in progress thanks to detailed information provided by Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system August 27.

Monitoring Operator Robin Goings received audio security activations from the patient treatment area and the staff lounge of Dr. Zimmer’s dental office around 8:15 p.m.  He didn’t hear anything unusual, but continued to receive more system alerts.  Goings called an employee of the clinic to learn if someone was working and she said she would go see.  Soon after, Goings heard coughing followed by sounds of movement and someone going through drawers.  He immediately called the employee to ask if she was inside already.  She was just outside.  Goings called the police and advised the employee to wait outside for them.

Police located and arrested a man who got inside by breaking a window.

The employee said she felt like Goings did his job to protect the dental clinic, but went above and beyond to protect her by staying on the phone with her and keeping control of the situation.