Trending now: School trespassing

Trends come and go over the years. Remember Furbies? We at Sonitrol Pacific have an ear for trends, and we know one that has been BIG this year: school.

Unfortunately, attending school isn’t the trend (Washington State’s dropout rate is 34%).

Trespassing and attempted burglary at school is.

Last night, Verification Center operator and swing shift supervisor Jeff LaMont received a notification that door alarms on an Everett elementary school had been triggered. Hearing movement over the audio detection system, Jeff immediately dispatched police, who then caught three people on the roof (roofs might be an up-and-coming trend, too—read about another roof apprehension).

In 2013, Sonitrol Pacific has apprehended 143 individuals during 78 incidents. 36 of those incidents have taken place at schools.

Have ideas about how to keep kids in school and keep trespassers out? Share them below!

As far as trends go, I’ll take a Furby over a school intrusion any day.