Not sure? Ask a cop.

by Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted September 2, 2009

Thanks to our 30+ years of verifying alarms in the Pacific Northwest, Sonitrol Pacific enjoys a great reputation with law enforcement agencies for accuracy. Members of our team often hear from police how excited they are when they get a call from our Operations Center because they know it isn’t a false alarm and waste of time.

This morning, I received a letter from one of our clients in the Puget Sound who chose our security due to a recommendation from someone in law enforcement.

“We became a customer in 2007 due to some concerns about the volume of scrap metal that we have onsite. I spoke with Shannon Summers, the security consultant in my area, about Sonitrol Pacific’s intrusion systems and how they are different from conventional alarms. After her presentation, I contacted a family member of mine that is in law enforcement who told me I should go with Sonitrol Pacific or not do anything. We have been a customer since then.”
Read the complete letter from Lou White at Seattle Radiator Works.

A Police officer told me pretty much this same thing at a community event after I said where I work … “I tell people go with Sonitrol Pacific or don’t waste your money.”