No Holiday From Crime

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted November 28, 2008

Because crime doesn’t take a holiday, neither do our Operations Center Super Stars nor our emergency service technicians.

I am especially thankful for and grateful to our awesome team members for taking time away from their families in order to fulfill our promises to our clients.

Thank you to Kari, Eric, Brecia, Denise, Tara, Mikeilah, Jaime, Mike and Minta for monitoring from the Operations Center and to Dean, Gary, Chris and Allan for taking the emergency service calls.

The team’s diligence paid off early this morning when Mike detected suspicious activity at an Oregon High School and sent Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputies to catch the culprits. They promptly carted off one suspected burglar.

Sonitrol Pacific, we’re always working so our clients get a good night’s sleep.