No April Fools Joke, Suspect was Arrested!

Early in the morning on April 1st, operator Kris Etheridge was on duty in Sonitrol Pacific’s Verification Center, when she received audio activations from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, of what sounded like banging and movement. Her speed in dispatching the Everett Police Department to the suspicious activity led to the arrest of one suspect. Officers were continuing to search for a second suspected burglar.

 The intruders broke out a window in an unprotected area of the building to gain access. And then began breaking through walls to get between offices, rather than going through doors. The suspects had collected multiple items from the offices they had gone through, and were in the process of attempting to take more.  

 Church officials are waiting to get more information on who the intruders were and if they had any prior affiliation with the church or knowledge of the building.  The way they maneuvered inside the building seemed too strategically planned to try to avoid any security equipment or chance of being caught. Little did the suspect know that Sonitrol has verified audio surveillance and can detect it all!