New security system catches three

Operator Kathleen Armstrong delivers for Sonitrol Pacific clients.

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Kathleen Armstrong

Officers arrested three teens suspected of trying to break into a grocery store after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system, installed only a month earlier, detected them November 6.

Operator Kathleen Armstrong received impact-activated audio alerts from Jay’s Market in Lake Stevens, Wash. around 1:30 a.m.  She immediately dispatched deputies from the Lake Stevens Police Department.

Officers arrived at the store within four minutes of receiving Armstrong’s call.  They found a sign had been pulled off an outside wall and used to try and unlock the front door.  When deputies searched the area, they located and questioned three teens.  The juveniles said they didn’t know anything about the damage to the store.  However, when officers reviewed the store’s security video, they saw the suspects trying to get through the door.

Deputies praised the store owners for their decision to use Sonitrol Pacific for security due to their record of fewer false burglar alarms from verified audio security.  The system was just installed a month ago.

One of the store owners said that without the Sonitrol Pacific security system, they wouldn’t have known about the attempted burglary until they got to the store the next morning and found the damage.  They would have had security video of the incident, but no way to catch the perpetrators.   The kids arrested had caused problems at the store previously and had been banned.

Special “thanks” to the Lake Stevens Police Department.

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