Neighbors leaving you vulnerable?

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted October 30, 2009

A neighboring business’s choice to not have a security system or to install a system the doesn’t deliver complete coverage could leave your business vulnerable. Twice this year alone, Sonitrol Pacific has detected suspected burglars inside client facilities after they entered by first breaking into a neighboring business.

The first incident occurred when a burglar broke-in undetected to an office with a traditional burglar alarm system, then climbed up into the ceiling ventilation system, crawled around and dropped down into the reception area of our client’s office. The burglar immediately activated our audio security system and a Sonitrol Pacific operator called police. Officers caught and arrested the man.

Yesterday a man broke into a neighbor of one of our clients and used a sledgehammer to break through a wall dividing the two businesses. Again, our system immediately activated, the operator called police and officers responded to arrest the suspect.

In a non-stand alone business, you can’t control what your neighbors do (leaving a door unlocked, a window open, not securing a roof hatch, etc.) and complete security becomes more crucial. Traditional alarm systems don’t account for non-traditional points of entry (walls, ceilings, etc.), but Sonitrol Pacific’s custom designed security systems with audio sensors deliver wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling coverage and protect you regardless of the point of entry.