Move along now, no graffiti to see here

“Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” strategies are ideal for reducing graffiti risk.  Naturally reducing a facility’s attractiveness to vandals makes a major impact in deterring graffiti.

• Ensure existing lighting works and improve lighting around a property to increase visibility and eliminate hiding places.
• Give extra attention to lighting around potential graffiti target areas.
• Install a monitored security camera system if you are a chronic victim of graffiti.
• Organize the neighborhood and business community to watch out for each other.
• Plant shrubs, thorny plants, and vines to restrict access to walls, fences, storage buildings, garages, and other graffiti targets.
• Use fences, controlled entrance and exits, rails, and other barriers to control traffic flow.
• Eliminate or limit access to roofs.  Move dumpsters, cover drainpipes, and secure maintenance equipment.
• Avoid a “legal wall” (an area that permits graffiti).  These may draw more graffiti vandals to the area.
• If you have a wall that is a frequent target for graffiti vandalism, organize the community to paint a mural on it.
• Adhere textured surfaces to walls at risk.  These are less attractive to graffiti vandals.