More secure, more welcoming with managed access control

School security professionals often find themselves balancing the need to keep facilities, students and staff safe from threats with the desire to keep
schools welcoming to the community. This conflict is further complicated by limited budgets.

Sonitrol Pacific offers a simple, effective and budget-friendly solution: managed access control.

Traffic control
Electronic access control, video surveillance and network intercoms all offer effective solutions for educators to track traffic in and around a school. Discrete use of these technologies increases security without disrupting building use by the school’s community.

When set up and managed by our experts, access control gives security officials and facilities managers the ability to track who entered the school and when. It allows different levels of access to be set up for different people, including limiting days and times they can enter the school. Want to allow a volunteer group to use a meeting room on Tuesdays from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.? We can do that for you.

Access control can increase safety of students and staff by keeping school exit doors unlocked from the inside for easy exit, while locked from the outside to keep out unwanted visitors. The system can detect when someone is trying to tamper with an exterior door or if a door stays open too long.

Sonitrol Pacific’s team can customize reports on system activity to include things like people trying to get inside on a day or at a time they don’t have “permission” to be there.

Key to security
A lost key compromises every level of a school’s security and rekeying an entire school is a time consuming, expensive project. By choosing a managed
access control system, instead of a key, schools give people an electronic key fob or proximity card. Lost or stolen cards can be deactivated almost
immediately by a member of Sonitrol Pacific’s team.

Simple lockdown
A school with access control can lockdown the doors at a push of a button in an emergency. By funneling the public and students to the access control doors during the school day and keeping the other doors locked from the outside, we are able to minimize how an outsider may get into the school. In the event of an emergency the button will immediately lockdown the access controlled doors thus locking down the school quickly and effectively. This can also be accomplished remotely by calling Sonitrol Pacific.

Seamless security
Our managed access control system integrates seamlessly with our security system, allowing for school personnel to turn off the alarm when they present
their proximity card or key fob to enter the building or secured room. This simplification increases proper security system usage and reduces, often
eliminates, user caused false alarms.

Budget friendly
By delegating the management of an electronic access system to our experts, educators are free to focus on the business of education. Sonitrol Pacific has a dedicated team of people to handle programming for you and can perform the management at a fraction of what it will cost the school to dedicate personnel to manage the data and system. Our people invest time in continuing education to stay on top of access technology updates, changes and trends.

Sonitrol Pacific’s managed access control offers additional savings because school districts avoid the costs of software and hardware upgrades required to keep the system running optimally.

The key to meeting a district’s needs and goals with a security technology hinges on identifying the safety problems, then prioritizing them and outlining the budget to install, manage and service the solution. With Sonitrol Pacific’s managed access control, your district increased security and saves money. Security enhances are found with control and tracking of traffic through the school, lockdown capabilities and no unaccounted for keys floating around. Money savings come from district employee time saved, eliminated re-keying and software upgrade expenses and significantly reduced false alarms.