More Effective Communication = More Effective Security

By Minta Christopherson
Posted April 25, 2008

There are many ways to help Sonitrol Pacific keep your home and business safe. The following are few things to advise your security company about.

1. Extended periods of absence
2. If anyone will be entering the premise while you are gone as well as any phone numbers to reach them if necessary.
3. Leave a number where you can be reached in case of emergency if you are gone for an extended period.
4. If there are going to be any pets left on site during extended absences that may make any otherwise unexplained noises.
5. If any keys are lost or stolen.

1. If any keys/keycards/fobs are lost or stolen.
2. If anyone has been fired recently who may try to re-enter your business for a malicious purpose.
3. Advise of any suspicious activity such as suspicious cars or persons in the area.
4. If you are on the call list and plan to go out of town, call to advise if there is someone who needs to be called in your place