More crime prevention tips

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted August 20, 2009

The ever-vigilant Thurston County Sheriff’s Department sent out a fresh batch of crime prevention tips due to recent burglaries and I wanted to pass them along to you.

1. Leave blinds/curtains open. This is a tough one during the summer months as we all want to save electricity and keep the house cool by blocking light and heat, however, light (in general) deters criminal activity. Suspicious activity is easy to spot in a home open to the neighborhood. Thieves want easy targets.

2. Make your residence appear as if someone is home; leave a light or television on. More light. I know, I know … we need to be fiscally and environmentally responsible with our use of electricity. Use timers, and energy efficient lighting and appliances. Motion activated, LED lighting is great for outdoor applications.

3. Make sure your residence is secured. Check out some of my previous tips. You can do a lot for very little money to make your home less attractive to criminals.

4. Inform a neighbor if you are going to be away for the night or longer. One of the best ways to keep your home safe is an active neighborhood. Watch out for each other, plan and participate in neighborhood meet-ups, get involved in your neighborhood association’s crime watch/crime prevention programs … just talk to each other. Report suspicious activity.

5. If you have a monitored alarm system, make sure that the alarm company knows how to contact you. If your alarm is not monitored and is audible outside make sure your neighbors know how to contact you.

Remember, most burglaries occur in the late morning to early afternoon hours, while we’re at the office. Be as conscientious during the day as you are locking things up at night.