How to Handle False Fire Alarm Signals

fire alarmFalse fire alarm signals occur more than any of us would like and when they occur, knowing the cause is crucial. Whether or not Sonitrol Pacific maintains your fire system, the rules remain the same.

1. If you’re absolutely certain the fire alarm is false, silence the fire panel and promptly notify the monitoring center so that the fire dispatch may be cancelled. Confirm the cause has been eliminated and then reset the panel.
2. If you are uncertain the alarm is false, clear the premises until the fire department determines it’s safe to occupy the premises.

If the fire alarm is false and you are uncertain of the cause, silence the fire panel, but DO NOT reset the panel. Notify your service company as soon as possible. If the panel is reset in the process of silencing the system, the service vendor may not be able to determine the cause of the false alarm. Remember to reset the panel once the system has been serviced. The fire panel will not be able to communicate new fire alarm signals to the monitoring center if it is not reset following an alarm episode.

A fire panel trouble signal that does not restore to normal within a reasonable amount of time may mean your panel would not be able to communicate fire alarm signals. Most fire jurisdictions require monitoring centers to notify their fire marshal in the event of standing trouble signals. Trouble is not a normal condition and should be addressed as soon as possible by your fire system service vendor.

If you currently have a fire system monitored by Sonitrol Pacific, please contact your customer service representative if you have any questions about your fire system. If Sonitrol Pacific does not currently monitor your fire system, we’d love to earn your business. Please call us at 1-800-898-1899 to schedule a visit to your site or learn more about what we do.