Michael Young Named August Employee of the Month

By Pamela Singleton, Director of Communications
Posted September 30, 2008

Michael Young has continually demonstrated his commitment to excellence and professionalism since joining the Sound Security team in 2005. He’s impressed team members, Sound Security clients and the Board of Directors with the faithful execution of his duties, causing the Board to name him the August 2008 Employee of the Month.

Michael is a verification superstar and expert sound analyst. He won the “Most Apprehensions” award in 2006 and 2007 and is racking up impressive numbers in 2008. More importantly, he has zero misses.

Michael understands the importance of details in taking care of clients and the team appreciates this. He turns in reports to Michelle Evans, Operations Center Manager, “like clockwork”, saving her time and improving the overall workflow. He has a reputation of clear and timely communication with everyone and is professional and polite with clients, listen to them to make certain we resolve their concerns. According to Barbara Hamlin, Director of Customer Service, the customer service team knows he will give them complete information, allowing them to make informed calls.

“Mike has an uncanny ability to judge account activity and as a result, he saves customers from false alarms and keeps them safe from intruders,” Hamlin said. “His apprehension record speaks to his effectiveness. I really appreciate his thorough follow through and his example of living our mission statement.”

“Teamwork” is a word that comes up often when Michael’s name is mentioned. Members of the Sound Security team value the work he does, but they also enjoy him as a person and like working with him. Michael steps-up to support the team as needed. For example, he volunteered to fill in as a Supervisor when needed and you took over the two week watch while another team member was on leave.

Michael’s unwavering focus on the Sound Security Mission is appreciated. Congratulations to Michael on earning this well deserved award.