Metro Parks Tacoma: Have to be Blind to Not See the Value in Sonitrol Pacific

One major advantage of Sonitrol Pacific‘s earliest possible detection and fast police response time is the significant reduction of our clients’ losses if their facility is a target for crime.  According to Dave Horstman at Metro Parks Tacoma, their Sonitrol Pacific security systems have “paid for itself.”

Dave’s complete letter:

A few months ago, my maintenance facility put some temporary trailers in our yard for tool and equipment storage.  With an existing Sonitrol Pacific system, we hoped we would be able to add security devices and monitoring to the temporary trailers.

I called my Sonitrol Pacific account manager and she came right over, walked the site with me and then gave me a quote for adding the trailers.  The installation tech was able to put door sensors and audio sensors inside the 4 trailers and we were happy with that.  Knowing our tools and equipment were protected gave our staff peace of mind.

Securing the temporary trailers involved many man-hours which included trenching across the yard and temporary closing our parking lot.  It was not inexpensive but after our break-in attempt last night the security system paid for itself.

The verification center heard some banging and rustling and then a few seconds and then a few seconds later confirmed the break in with a door alarm.  Sonitrol Pacific operators dispatched our security response company and when the officers arrived they found the trailer roll-up doors open and spotted a guy running away toward a waiting car.  Unfortunately he got away with what he could carry in his hands but thousands of dollars worth of equipment was left on the ground right outside the trailer doors.

This system works: service, installation, monitoring, and response.  Instead of dealing with claims adjusters and my employees standing with no tools to work with for hours while waiting for replacements, all I have to do is replace the padlocks on the trailer doors.  You would have to be blind not to see the value in that!

Dave Horstman