Metal theft alert from Kent Police Department

Shannon Summers, Sonitrol Pacific Seattle Security Consultant, received this crime alert from the Kent Police Department and we wanted to help spread the word.

Dear Kent Business,

Our officers report seeing a steady increase in metal theft from businesses in our City. Copper seems to be the most targeted, however, the cost of most metal is on the rise so thieves are after all sorts of metal from any location they see as an opportunity/target.

If you have surveillance systems, make sure they are working. Take the time now to secure any metal you use/sell as part of your business. You may even want to start inventorying your supply (if that is feasible) to make sure all is accounted for.  Thieves are even targeting metal in air conditioners, pipes, etc.

As always, if you see anyone or anything out of the norm for your business location/property, be sure to call 911 and report all you can about the incident.

Thank you for being partners in crime prevention,


Sara Wood, Public Education Specialist
Support Services Division |  Police
220 Fourth Avenue South, Kent, WA 98032
Phone: 253-856-5851