Memorial Day Apprehensions : Two Suspects Booked

You may have had Memorial Day off, but our super star operators were hard at work catching criminals!

A little after 10 p.m. on May 25, Jessica received an alarm on the rear door of a spa in Meridian, ID. The audio verification kicked in and Jessica could hear someone enter the building and cough. Jessica dispatched Meridian PD and alerted the site contact. She continued hearing movement onside, including slight metal bangs. JessicaCulverOfficers arrived with K-9 and found a man inside. The man was having trouble complying with the officers’ requests due to extreme intoxication. It seems like the man was not there to steal anything, but the business’ phone was found in the microwave. Officers determined that the door was unlocked, which is how the suspect gained entry.

phone in microwave

Nothing was stolen, but who puts a phone in the microwave??

Minta had just started her shift when she received an outdoor video alarm from an industrial center in Tacoma. The facility’s video alarm monitoring system showed her a man in a red sweatshirt, jeans and a black messenger bag rummaging through things on the ground inside the fenced area. Minta dispatched Tacoma Minta Christopherson 2008Police. As she was on the line, she saw the suspect move farther away from the camera toward the trash bins and then toward the vehicles. Officers arrived and found the man, who had many prior arrests. The suspect did not gain entry to the building.

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