Got Superior Security with Sonitrol Pacific? Promote Yourself

We provide security for many organizations that deliver goods and services for other businesses.  Businesses like distribution centers, document storage facilities, wine storage facilities and uniform companies need complete security, security that protects their assets AND the assets of their clients, in order to meet the commitments they make to their clients.  Burglaries, internal shrinkage and fires can devastate these companies; they need to know they can count on us.

On a recent visit to a Portland client who provides distribution center and logistics services, Customer Service Representative Heather Rosenthal read this in their brochure under “some reasons to do business with us”:
“Clean, secure buildings … our security systems are modern, fully monitored and regularly maintained.”

Sonitrol Pacific’s security systems come with a complete guarantee that includes emergency service and a full parts & labor warranty to ensure our clients are always covered.  As part of this, we complete regular preventive maintenance appointments and customer service visits.  This allows us to inspect and take care of systems before a problem comes up.