Maranville named Employee of the Month

Jaime Maranville

Everyday and in many, many ways Jaime Maranville personifies Sonitrol Pacific’s Core Values and, as a result, gives our clients more than they feel they are paying for.  She exceeds the expectations of our external and internal customers time and time again, and therefore we are pleased to name her our March 2012 Employee of the Month.

To Jaime’s teammates in the Verification Center, she is always helpful, supportive, and willing to take time to train them on how to find and fix programming concerns.

“If I run into programming that I don’t understand during my shift, I can and do send emails to Jaime explaining what I see, and why I don’t understand what I’m reading. Jaime goes over the programming , and then takes the time to write me an email explaining what exactly was going on, so that I can learn from it as well,” Operator Robin Goings said.

To her teammates in other offices, Jaime is a “Godsend”.

“Her help with the firmware capture project has been a Godsend, but aside from that she is a team player near and far,” said Barbara Hamlin, Director of Customer Service Sonitrol Pacific Portland.  “Jaime has an awareness of even subtle small things that help make us successful in the eyes of our clients.”

To our customers, Jaime delivers “top notch” customer service.

“Jaime goes over and above by actually looking at the report, identifying potential issues and getting service working on any issues found,” Jim Teddy from United Warehouse said.  “That’s top notch customer service in my book and very much appreciated.”

To everyone, Jaime is cheerful, gracious and supportive.  She makes sure customers are taken care of, even if this means staying late.  She regularly volunteers for projects and always completes them with distinction.  Going above and beyond is just another day at the office for Jaime.

Her reputation for quality and kindness speak to Jaime’s character and dedication, and earned her this honor.