Lowest Price Doesn’t Always Mean a Lower Cost

By Tony Orso, Puget Sound Sales Manager
Posted July 1, 2008

In my years as a sales manager I have heard many comments about cost.

Often, people think price and cost are the same and come to the realization they are two very separate things after the commitment is made to purchase a product or service. Sometimes they realize too late they are paying a lower price with a much higher cost.

When considering a burglar alarm, security cameras or access control for a business, be aware that the following may not be included in your monthly fees. These two things alone can far offset any short term savings of a low-priced service:

False Alarms
What responsibility does your monitoring company have for false alarms?
If you add these fees to your current monthly bill, what is your true cost?
What is the cost of lost productivity for you or your employee that answers the phone calls in the middle of the night? We find that the cost of lost productivity can easily exceed the cost of a false alarm citation.
Will your monitoring company pay fees assessed by your local municipality?

Missed Break-ins
A burglary can cost you thousands of dollars.
What happens to your business if someone breaks in and your monitoring company does not dispatch the police in a timely manner?
The cost of one burglary missed by your monitoring company can be a huge “does your monitoring company share the burden of a break-in if the police aren’t dispatched?”

I am proud many of our customers tell us we appear to be more expensive initially, but, in the long run, we deliver a premium service at the same overall cost.