School Lock Picked with Clothespin, Intruders Detected by Audio Security

Police apprehended two sixth grade boys suspected of getting inside a school by picking the lock with a clothespin after Sonitrol Pacific detected them April 22.

Monitoring Operator Lora Orsborn received alerts from the school, but didn’t hear any unusual sounds over the audio security sensors. She called the school district’s security guard service to investigate.

The guard discovered evidence of someone prying on a chained gate and a door propped open with a clothespin. Soon after, he caught two boys walking out of the school through a different door.

The boys were detained, police were called and the boys were released to their parents. No damage was done to the school and nothing was stolen.

According to officers, the two sixth grade boys, one a student at this school and the other a student at another school, managed to get the door opened with the clothespin.