Leave the cookies, take the marbles

Kris Etheridge

Sonitrol Pacific’s detection of “scuffling and movement” sounds led police to arrest two suspected school burglars and recover electronics and a jar of marbles August 30.

Monitoring Operator Kris Etheridge received an impact-activated audio alert from the grade school around 3:30 a.m.  She heard a loud bang followed by prying noises and sounds of scuffling and movement.  Etheridge immediately called Mukilteo Police.  While police were on their way, she heard at least two people talking, most likely boys, and updated the officers.

Police caught two suspected burglars at the school.  They believe the two broke into the school through a window.  Officers located a laptop, monitor, additional electronic items and jar of marbles taken from the school outside a nearby high school and returned them to the grade school.

Employees from the school district found this incident unusual in many respects.  They were particularly perplexed that the burglars took the marbles, but left behind a cache of cookies that was sitting right next to the window where they broke in.