Laughter activates burglar alarm, 3 in custody

Michael Young, award winning operator, takes care of Sonitrol Pacific clients.

Police arrested three young men suspected of breaking into an elementary school after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security picked up the sound of laughter August 1.

Operator Michael Young received an impact-activated alert from the security audio at a Puget Sound area school just before 1:00 a.m.  He heard banging noises and sounds of people laughing, and called the school district’s security guard service.

When the security guard arrived on campus, he saw several people take off running.  The guard tackled one suspect as he attempted to jump a fence.  Once in the custody of Tacoma Police, the suspect admitted to breaking into the school with two other people and told officers where to find his accomplices.

Police found the other suspects at their homes.  They too confessed when confronted and were taken into custody.

The three got inside the school through a second floor window someone left open.  They threw an Apple computer out the window, but it survived the fall.  Other items the three took from the school were recovered and no additional damage was done.

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