Landscape, lighting and locks

“Project Impact” is the Everett Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit and they are doing some impressive things.  They’ve packaged a suite of tools to help home and business owners improve facility safety and security.

“The bad guys network and communicate more effectively and without restrictions,” said Crime Prevention Officer Aaron Snell.  “We want to develop the program for the good guys.”

As part of accomplishing this goal, Everett Police partnered with marketing experts to create and promote crime prevention as a brand.  They now have a collection of editable resources they give away to other police departments and anyone else who wants it.

“Steal it, put your logo on it, change the color.  Use all of it or just parts of it.  Whatever you want,” Snell said.

One of my favorite pieces is the “Business Watch Program Security Assessment.”  This four page survey gives people a simple checklist to evaluate their current security by various criteria on a scale of 1 to 5 and find opportunities to improve it.  Putting a priority on landscape, lighting and locks, the assessment focuses on natural surveillance, behavior deterrence and natural access control.

The survey first looks at landscaping.  “Security starts at the curb,” Snell said.  “What does the bad guy see?”

Next, consider lighting.  Snell discussed the challenge of finding balance between “ID lighting and light pollution.  You want lighting bright enough to be able to identify a trespasser or burglar, but not so invasive that it disturbs neighbors.  He recommends lighting on a timer with motion sensors.

Then, turn a critical eye to locks and consult an expert if you’re unsure of the solidity or yours.

“We always recommend security systems designed for the specific needs of the homeowner or business,” Snell said.  “If they’re determined to get in, they’ll get in.  A security system can minimize the damage they do.”

Sonitrol Pacific is proud to have worked with the Everett Police Department for more than 30 years.  They know the value of verified alarms and do a great job of catching the criminals we detect.  We commend them on their crime prevention efforts.

“Project Impact is due to the vision and insight of Chief Scharff,” Snell said.