LaMont named September Employee of the Month

Jeff LaMont, September Employee of the Month

Jeff LaMont has proven to be proactive, positive and passionate about learning.  He successfully tackles new challenges and regularly goes the extra mile to deliver excellent results for our clients and the company.  The Sound Security Board of Directors values Jeff and what he brings to the organization, and names him our September Employee of the Month.

“Since joining the Sound Security family in August of 2009, Jeff has volunteered for projects that would have been difficult for someone with more experience in our Operations Center,” said Michelle Evans, Operations Center Manager.

According to Jeff’s teammates, he’s “flourished in making daunting and sometimes very challenging tasks look easy” with his work in the data center.

Not only does Jeff hold himself accountable to continually learn, grow and improve, he supports the team in their professional development as well.  He consistently shares what he learned from Bold training and his hands-on, every day experiences with it.  His co-workers particularly appreciate that he made time to attend all the shift meetings in order to work with everyone on it.

Throughout the company, across branches and departments, Jeff is respected for his communication, hard work and focus on doing what’s in the best interest of the client.  He demonstrates his commitment by being 100 percent present everyday and delivering excellent work with a positive attitude and a smile.

The team thanks Jeff for his contributions as “the new data center dude” and congratulates him on earning this award.

You can nominate a member of the Sonitrol Pacific team for Employee of the Month by emailing your local office’s general manager or a member of our Board.