Lake Stevens School District: Sonitrol Pacific = Success in Preventing Damage and Loss

A letter of recommendation from the Lake Stevens School District in Lake Stevens, Washington:

January 3, 2011

I am writing in response to a request for qualifications for your district-wide security system project and would like to recommend Sonitrol Pacific and Sound Security to provide your security system design and installation.

The Lake Stevens School District utilizes Sonitrol Pacific for all of its ten campuses and three support facilities.  Sonitrol provides 24-hour a day monitoring of door and window intrusion and audio monitoring equipment.  They also provide monitoring of our fire alarm systems at each location.  Sonitrol has been a partner with the district for many years, since our first intrusion detection system was installed.

Sonitrol was the only intrusion detection vendor allowed in our recent capital project campaign, which included construction of a new 220,000-square-foot mid-high school, a new football stadium and the remodel of three elementary schools and the offices and cafeteria at our high school.  The decision to standardize with Sonitrol was made in large part because of the level of service we receive and the success we’ve had together in preventing damage and loss utilizing their services.

Sonitrol understands the unique aspects of school security and what a high-profile target schools make for potential vandals.  Their focus on prevention and apprehension make them both an effective deterrent and an able partner with law enforcement to catch intruders before they wreck havoc, which in itself is a positive deterrent.

Sonitrol provides excellent service in responding to our needs and communicating with a wide variety of district personnel, like custodians, maintenance staff and building principals.  Their ability to work with police and fire departments, when it has been determined that their response is necessary, not only enables us to effectively address issues but minimize false alarms, which helps the district maintain positive working relationships with these important agencies.

During our capitol construction campaign we found Sonitrol’s engineers and technicians to be very proficient in designing and installing systems that were thorough without being excessive.  Their design team was proactive in addressing security needst that even we were unaware of, while being extremely responsive to our requests for customization based on past examples and current processes.

Our experiences with Sonitrol have been exceptional and I think that you should select them to provide your district-wide security system, you will find this to be the case as well.  I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Robb Stanton
Director of Operations Services
Lake Stevens School District No. 4
12309 22nd St NE, Lake Stevens Washington 98258