Lake Stevens Police Department and Sonitrol Pacific Arrest Suspect at Middle School!

Lake Steven Police Department with Sonitrol Pacific's Director of Puget Sound School Security - Kerry Goodwin

Lake Stevens Police Department with Kerry Goodwin (Sonitrol Pacific’s Director of Puget Sound School Security)

It all started at 11:38pm on February 1st, 2018, when one of our operators in our Verification Center™ received an audio alarm of loud banging and the possibility of a window being broken at a middle school in Lake Stevens, Washington. Our operator identified the alarm was coming from the school’s portables and verified the audio as being a valid alarm, which prompted them to dispatch Lake Stevens Police. Lake Stevens Police responded to the crime in progress, acted accordingly to the info our operator collected, and apprehended one suspect on site! Great work Lake Stevens Police!

Why Sonitrol Pacific’s Police Relations Are So Important

Our working relationships with local police departments are vital to keeping you and your business or home safe. This is what makes us different from other traditional alarm companies. When a verified incident is in progress, we dispatch police and police respond. Our operators are trained to identify and respond to a crime as it is in progress. Through our advanced audio and video verified detection, we are able to catch the perpetrators five times faster than our conventional, non-verified counterparts.¹

Reducing False Alarms

Seattle Police Department reported responding to an average of 25,000 alarm calls a year with 97% of those being false.² If that is Seattle alone, can you imagine how many false alarms occur in the greater Puget Sound, Washington state, or even the Pacific Northwest? Sonitrol Pacific works with local police departments throughout all of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho to reduce this rate! We have a trusting partnership that relies on the hard work of the police men and women, our carefully trained operators, and superior technology. These successful relationships have resulted in 6797 apprehensions by our by our Verification Center™ since 1978.

¹ Eight minute vs 45min Police Response Time
²Seattle’s False Alarm Reduction Program