King County’s My ID Club

By Tony Orso, Puget Sound Regional Sales Manager
Posted September 17, 2008

Did you know that Sonitrol Pacific is a proud sponsor of the King County Police Unions MY ID CLUB? Sonitrol Pacific has helped the King County Police Union prepare over 5,000 id kits. We help sponsor this event because of the great things it does for the community and its children.

The “MY ID CLUB” was started in 1997 with the idea of issuing photograph/fingerprint safety ID cards for free to children younger than 16 when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

They also provide 911 coloring and activity books, 911 refrigerator magnets, 911 stickers & decals, carrying bags and our child safety manuals.

The reasons for this are:
– Bridge the gap between children and law enforcement.
– Make children feel safer and more important.
– Make parents feel safer.
– Provide critical information in case of injury to the child.
– Provide an avenue that critical information can be passed to another adult who may be watching or caring for the child, Grandma, Aunt, babysitter, etc.
– Great tool for children to have in case they are lost or separated from their parent or guardians on class trips, on vacation, shopping in a crowded mall, etc.
– Great tool for parents to have if their child becomes temporarily lost, the ID card can be given to security/police agency immediately.

They bring the “MY ID CLUB” event to places they know they will have a lot of families present. You can view their schedule on the website.

Be proactive, be safe and be aware.