Keyless Entry: Five Benefits of Increased Efficiency at Your Business

While the words “keyless” and “entry” may be pretty self-explanatory, crafting an access control system for a business is not. Keeping track of every employee’s entry and exit times, changing and deleting permissions, making sure that all doors are locked during the hours that the business is closed and handling unexpected security incidents is enough to keep a full-time employee busy, not to mention the guard service or other back-up protocols in place for when that employee is not available.

While managing keyless entry for your business is complicated to do yourself, there are many benefits to having an access control system professionally installed and monitored, including:

  • Greater security inside the building for all employees
  • Reduced risks of internal theft and violence
  • Eliminated costs of changing locks and copying keys
  • Easier tracking of employee hours worked
  • Enhanced protection for sensitive and confidential documents and equipment

Keyless entry devices can easily adapt to meet the needs of your business’s employees, with card and fob options that can easily be attached to keychains or uniforms. If your business needs an even higher level of protection, biometric readers are a good option to consider.

Access control systems can tie into new or existing security systems, but they can also stand alone. Click to find out more about managed access control.