15 Reasons You Need Keyless Entry at Your Office

Keyless entry, also known as access control, can be a business owner or property manager’s best friend. If you don’t have keyless entry — or if you’re less than satisfied with your current provider — check out these 15 reasons why a good keyless entry system will make your business better.

Enhanced control over facility entry.

  1. Prevents entry to controlled areas without valid entry card or code.
  2. Prevents unauthorized duplication of facility keys and/or alarm code.
  3. Limits after hours entry to employees who have legitimate entry needs.
  4. Provides entry “audit trail” to identify who entered the building at what time.
  5. Allows selective authorization of system users to activate and deactivate intrusion detection system.

Keyless entry for your business Improvement in overall security.

  1. Increases level of security awareness among all employees.
  2. Increases protection for employees by preventing entry of non-authorized personnel. Automatically locks controlled doors according to predetermined time schedule

 Convenient, simple operation.

  1. Reduces user-caused false alarms (and simplifies operation for infrequent users) by combining entry and alarm deactivation in one process.
  2. Eliminates confusion and inconvenience associated with using keypad to interface with intrusion detection system.
  3. Eliminates need to track and replace mechanical keys by using electronic “keys”. Eliminates inconvenience of maintaining data for an on-site proprietary access control system computer.
  4. Allows a single source vendor, rather than multiple, interacting vendors.

 Significant value in return for expense.

  1. Reduces potential for internal theft (inventory, property, office facilities or time) or vandalism.
  2. Provides additional level of protection (and management peace of mind) for “negligent security” liability lawsuits.
  3. Saves expense and annoyance of periodically re -keying facility locks.
  4. Allows elimination of reassignment of personnel dedicated to supervising facility access (e.g. guards and/or full time receptionist).