Four Ways Keyless Entry Systems Keep Your Business Safe

Four Ways Keyless Entry Systems Keep your Business Safe

Burglary and internal theft are an unfortunate reality in business. One of the many solutions Sonitrol Pacific offers to protect businesses is keyless entry, also known as managed access control. This security measure is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for you to increase security and protect your business. Here are four ways that commercial keyless entry systems keep you safe:

  1. Limit the entry of unwanted visitors to your business. Managed access control means only the people who have a designated card or key fob in hand will be able to enter your secured area.
  2. Enhance internal security by controlling access to sensitive areas like computer server rooms, money counting rooms, record rooms, pharmacies, and medical supply areas—or anywhere you need.
  3. Keyless entry and managed access control technology have visitor tracking capabilities. This provides an audit trail. Should an incident ever occur, your system shows who last accessed the area and at what time. You can also manage the times that key personal will have access to sensitive areas.
  4. Reduce the need for live, on-site security personnel. You don’t have to worry about someone guarding your entry points. As long as trusted users have your access cards, they are the only ones able to access entry points.

At Sonitrol Pacific, our keyless entry systems come fully managed by our team of specialists. They can also be integrated with your intrusion detection or business security system for a comprehensive security solution. For more information on managed access control and audio or video security systems for your business in Washington, Oregon or Idaho, contact us today to schedule a free security assessment.