Keeping ears open for Everett Neurological

A recent letter from Dr. Wright at Everett Neurological:

November 23, 2010

Sonitrol Pacific
2221 California St
Everett, WA 97201

To All Concerned:

Everett Neurological has been with Sonitrol Pacific since 1984 and the service we’ve received over the years has been outstanding!  Any needs have been promptly met with care and attention to detail.

Just recently, we had a break in into one of our three buildings which resulted in the burglar getting caught! We suffered no loss of property and no disruption of business.

We’re glad to have a partnership with Sonitrol Pacific watching out for us – or rather … keeping ears open!  Their unique way of detecting and verifying a break in assures we can rest easy no matter what.

I recommend Sonitrol without reservations!

Sanford J Wright, Jr., M.D.