Keep Your Mind at Ease With Sonitrol Pacific’s App

In the days of old, if you wanted to protect your valuables, you had two options: hide them or hire protection.

Somewhere along the sands of time, the trusty lock and key were invented. A few thousand years later, we were given the benefits of advanced video surveillance and alarms systems.

Today is a new day, and quite frankly, criminals just don’t stand a chance.

With Sonitrol Pacific, not only can you guard your property with floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall sonic surveillance, now you can manage everything from the palm of your hand with our new Sonitrol Mobile app for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

With the Sonitrol Mobile app, you’ll enjoy mobile internet access control to:

  • Remotely manage the current alarm status of your entire system — you’ll know whether your alarm is active and who last turned it on or off.
  • View your property, business, or home 24 hours a day using its built-in, real-time video capabilities.
  • Easily view and filter the history of events that have occurred at your facility. Know to the minute when your business, school, or church doors have been locked, and which user last set the alarm.
  • Manage all your users in one place with intelligent access controls.
  • Remotely search for your facilities via map or text.
  • Enjoy push notifications that show up on your device when key events are happening.

The Sonitrol Mobile app is ideal for diverse situations. For instance, let’s say you’re the owner of a chain of coffee shops, and you’d like to know that certain locations are being opened on time. Now you can with the Sonitrol Mobile app.

Another example would be a local high school, where, as a principal, it’s important to know what times your alarms are being set, and by whom. It’s also important to track key personnel and their access to sensitive areas. Again, you can do this with the power of your smart device with the Sonitrol Mobile app.

The Sonitrol Mobile app is simple to use, sporting a clean layout that’s easy to navigate. You won’t have to spend time fiddling with things that aren’t useful to you. You can jump in and begin securing your business, church, or school right away.

Combined with our complete suite of Sonitrol alarms, the peace of mind you’ll receive is hard to beat. Our trained home and business security specialists are standing by 24/7 to protect your property, and in the event of an unusual occurrence, our team will be on high-alert to monitor the situation. If something is amiss, we’ll notify you immediately and proceed to dispatch the police with a verified response – the kind they respond to in minutes.

For more information on all the ways the Sonitrol Mobile app can secure your property and bring you real peace of mind, contact one of our friendly security specialists today.