Keep Your Home or Business Safe With Fire Monitoring Alarms and Solutions From Sonitrol Pacific

Not too long ago, a 2-alarm fire started at a recycling center across the street from my house. I learned about the fire from Twitter, which was was slow to give the details I really wanted. Fires happen anywhere, and they happen fast.

At Sonitrol Pacific, one of our security solutions that doesn’t get a lot of recognition is fire monitoring. It’s not as glamorous as intrusion detection or as obvious as access control. But anyone who’s ever been in a situation involving fire knows just how devastating it can be to an office, home or warehouse.

Routine fire system inspections are critical for keeping fire alarms and monitoring systems in prime working condition and preventing serious loss from an undetected fire.  These inspections are typically done annually, quarterly or monthly, depending on the needs and recommendations for each individual system.

If Sonitrol Pacific doesn’t currently take care of your fire monitoring and inspection needs, contact us today.  For current Sonitrol Pacific customers who are looking to further increase home or business security, you can enjoy the same quality service and support for your fire detection system as you do for your current sound security system, managed access control system, or video surveillance system, while we’ll enjoy keeping you and your space as safe as possible.