K & M Automotive: priceless to know livelihood protected

Business owners and security managers choose Sonitrol Pacific for many different reasons.  However, regardless of what need they were looking for us to fill, we pride ourselves on delivering peace of mind for all our clients.  Here’s a letter from K & M Automotive, a client who values the feeling our service and guarantees deliver.

January 27, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my thankfulness for an alarm company like Sonitrol Pacific.  As a business owner I cannot place a price on the ability to go home at night and know that my livelihood is protected.  I feel secure knowing that my audio intrusion system gives the earliest possible detection of an intruder and in fact can even activate prior to their entry into my facility, therefore providing the best chance for the police to catch them.  In addition to the earliest  possible detection of a break-in, I know that because my Sonitrol Pacific alarm system has audio verification, the police will respond much more quickly than they would to a conventional alarm.

In the past I have had experience with several different conventional motion based alarm systems.  With all of them I experienced frequent false alarms and other unnerving troubles.  Since installing Sonitrol Pacific in 2006 I have experienced none of that.  On top of the technology that sets Sonitrol Pacific apart, the follow up from their Verification center is outstanding.  I even get called if my power goes out to alert me that the system is running on battery back-up.  Their service guarantees are second to none.  I made a one time investment and anytime something breaks one of their technicians is promptly out to fix it at no cost to me.

Through out my years with Sonitrol Pacific I have been a completely satisfied customer.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an alarm system that allows for the lowest possible false alarms and the best chance to catch the bad guys.

Kinnon O. Mackinnon
Owner & Operator
K & M Automotive