Jaime Maranville Brings the Heat to Protect Sonitrol Pacific Clients

By Pamela Singleton, Director of Communications
Posted June 19, 2008

Arrests at a Sonitrol Pacific protected site happen all the time. Unlike typical burglar alarm companies, our audio sensors “hear” what’s going on and our operators verify signal activations.

What doesn’t happen all the time is for one of our operators/sound analysts to get activations from two different locations within minutes of each other, but this was the scenario in the Operations Center June 18. The lovely and talented Jaime Maranville received an activation from one school June 18 at 12:42 a.m., verified the alarm and called police to respond, then received an activation from a second school, verified the alarm and called police to respond. Both dispatches resulted in the arrest of suspects.

Jaime is one of the experts monitoring accounts for Sonitrol Pacific clients in our Everett Operations Center. We keep our operator to account ratio in line to make certain we give every activation the attention it needs and deserves.

Great work Jaime!!