Items to Keep in Your Car

One of the last things we ever want to have happen is for our car to break down, to get stuck in snow or other icy elements, get a flat tire or to be stopped for long periods of time going over mountain passes, especially during the cold and frosty winter months. Storms and other bad weather situations can take people by surprise and many people are prepared at home but aren’t prepared in the car.

Cell phones can sometimes be helpful in situations like this but what if you don’t have service where you are? It’s important to have the necessary resources should you be stranded for a significant period of time. It is highly recommended to keep an emergency kit in your car year round and to be sure to replenish resources as necessary. Below are just some of the many items to keep in your car at all times.

• Flashlight
• Jumper cables
• Blanket
• Bottled water
• Reflective roadside triangles
• Extra batteries
• Other warm weather clothing items like gloves and a hat
• Ice scraper
• Protein bars
• Roadside flares
• First aid kit
• Paper towels
• A multipurpose tool
• Extra oil and brake fluid
• Tire inflator
• Cell phone car charger
• Duct tape
• Maps
• Cash
• Some organizations even offer pre-packaged emergency kits

Keep these items together in a bag in your trunk so you’ll always be prepared for the unexpected!