Integrating your alarm system with Access Control

By Tony Orso, Sonitrol Pacific Puget Sound Regional Sales Manager
Posted April 7, 2009

Have you tried integrating access control and keyless entry in the past? I have had several customers speak with me about their frustration with attempts to integrate these two critical business systems. If you have concerns or are having problems with an integrated system ask you vendor the following questions:

– Are the access control system and the alarm panel manufactured by the same company?
– Were these two systems designed to work together?
– How many other customers have this same combination of equipment in their buildings?
– How many like systems has your vendor installed in the past?
– Does your vendor have any testimonials from happy customers?
– Is the system easy to use?

I strongly encourage you to make sure your vendor is using equipment that is designed to work together for a true integration of these two important components of your building’s security.