Independence Day Apprehensions

One of the many reasons we think of our operators as superheroes is because of their tireless dedication to keeping our clients safe. Our Verification Center is staffed around the clock every day of the year, which means that operators work most holidays. While the Fourth of July was relatively uneventful with no apprehensions, the days before and after Independence Day resulted in some good criminal catches.


Just after 5:30 this morning, Kris received a window alarm at a church in Everett, followed by crashing noises and voices. Kris called the church emergency contact and confirmed that he had cleared the scene and was no longer on site. She dispatched Everett PD and stayed on the line to give updates. She continued to hear movement and voices. Police took a male and female into custody. The suspects had staged tools and other items outside the door near the window that was used to gain entry. The suspects were very intent on getting into the church, as they had attempted entry earlier that same day a few hours before.

At 7:45 p.m. on July 3, Jessica received audio activations from sharp “thunks” outside the east retail area of an equipment rental company in Portland. She dispatched Portland JessicaCulverPolice and site responder. We later learned from the responder that a man had tried to gain entry to the retail area but was unsuccessful. He went next door to a storage unit facility, where he was able to break into the office. The officers at the rental company noticed some activity and found the suspect inside the neighboring business.