Importance of LTA

Ashley Sutton

by Ashley Sutton, Verification Center Operator

Business owners and facility managers are focus-driven, dedicated, responsible people who work from early in the morning through sometimes late night. Meetings, phone calls, and projects that all need to be completed yesterday keep a business running at all hours of the day. During these hours, time can escape employees, causing them to forget to turn on the business security system as they leave.

The alarm monitoring operators in Sonitrol Pacific’s Verification Center looks for ways to make sure our customers know our commitment even when the business security system is off. One of these ways is “Late to Arm”, a nightly courtesy call we provide to customers whose alarms have remained off past their scheduled business hours.

Each night, our team creates reports of businesses that have exceeded scheduled hours and their business security systems are still disarmed. We take these reports and, as a free-of-charge courtesy, attempt contact with each customer’s business line to chat with an employee working later than usual or contact their Emergency Personnel list to advise someone may have forgot to set the alarm as they left. We make it a priority to give customers the confidence in us that they have someone watching 24/7, even when the system is off.

If you or one of you employees knows in advance you will be working past scheduled hours a call to your Sonitrol Pacific Verification Center would be very helpful and prevent us from interrupting your work flow.