If you choose audio, they will come

Many business owners, facilities managers and security officers who only have experience with traditional security systems comprised of motion sensors and door contact sensors believe police don’t respond to burglar alarms or calls from monitoring centers.  It’s not that law enforcement agencies don’t want to respond to these alarms, but rather they have to prioritize to effectively allocate limited resources.  Since 96 to 99 percent of burglar alarms are false, they become a lower priority.

Think about it.  If 96 percent of the time your phone rang, no one was on the line, how long would it take before you stopped answering the phone?

However, police do respond to verified alarms – activations by security systems that have corroborating evidence from an eye witness or security audio or video technology.  Motion sensors and door contacts don’t provide this.  These blind and deaf detection technologies provide monitoring operators no way to know what’s happening at the protected site.  They know something set off the system, but that something could be a burglar or it could be a piece of paper blown across the room when a heater kicked on.

Sonitrol Pacific has designed, installed, monitored and serviced security systems that include verification since 1978.  Our operators can confirm a threat to your facility exists, dispatch police on a verified alarm, and keep them up-to-date on what is happening.  Not only do police respond, they respond quickly and better informed about the suspect’s movements inside your building.  The result is more criminals off the streets.

Don’t take my word for it, check out our detection-to-apprehension record or hear security audio from a few of our apprehension incidents.