I Think They Have Real Estate Agents to Handle That For You, Keep Your Eyes Out

By DeJa Irving, Sonitrol Pacific Tacoma Customer Service Representative
Posted May 22, 2009

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 around 5:56pm, Operator Robin Goings was listening and waiting on the Seattle/Boise/Tacoma console. An alarm came in from the window of a Sonitrol Pacific protected, followed by lots of other alarms and a male voice. The house is currently vacant and for sale, so Robin dispatched Pierce County Sheriff’s Department immediately. The homeowner was advised of the activity and he decided to head right over to see what was going on.

Deputies arrived around 6:08 and drew their weapons on a male suspect dressed in a business suit and spit-shinned shoes, holding a “Home for Sale” flier. They handcuffed him and put him in the back of the patrol car! Yeah Robin! Woot Woot!

And now, the rest of the story …

So it turns out, the suspect was the manager of a local Safeway (hence the business suit and shiny shoes). He was just getting off work when he saw a flier advertising the home for sale; he decided to drive by to see if he could get a look at the house. When he got to there, no one was around to give him a tour. He decided to see what he could see through the windows. While looking through the windows he found one unlocked.

Lucky him?

He was able to climb through the window to see his dream home. He was actually surprised that the police would think he was doing something wrong, didn’t they see his suit? His shoes? The police eventually believed the guy’s story and released him.

Lessons of the day?
1. Even if you leave your window unlocked, Sonitrol Pacific has you covered.
2. If you want a tour of a home for sale, call and schedule it. Self-guided tours can end with you in the back of a patrol car.