I spy a burglar

Jessica Culver

Deputies arrested a suspected burglar at an electrical apparatus manufacturing company in Hillsboro after Sonitrol Pacific’s video alarm monitoring system caught him on camera and the operator called police June 1.

Monitoring Operator Jessica Culver saw a man climb a fence to get inside a secured area and throw items back over the fence. She immediately called the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. Culver continued to watch the man’s activity to keep officers updated on what he did and where he went.

Once the suspect finished throwing the items he wanted over the fence, he climbed out of the secured area and left the view of the security cameras. Moments later, the man emerged from trees at the edge of the business’s parking lot and began hauling the items he had left across the parking lot and back behind the trees.

Deputies arrived on scene within four minutes of Culver’s call and headed through the trees after the man. They caught him and took him into custody.