I Love My Job And Love What I Do

**By Janet Pucik, Accounts Payable**

I was thinking this morning during our quarterly meeting about how those who are fortunate enough to work for Sound Security Inc. (doing business as Sonitrol Pacific) and who get to see and hear about all of the great things this company can do and does do.  As employees, we hear about how far as a company we are willing to go to help a client and how we are willing go to above and beyond to make sure that client has exactly what they need and in the time they need it.  How many companies can say that?  In my opinion, not very many.

I have worked for big corporations in the past and have found that this security company has more integrity and honesty then any big corporation.  I think the biggest reason for this is the “personal touch.”  Companies these days have an automated phone system that directs you to who you may, or in some case may not, need to talk to.  I find it very refreshing to call a company and actually have a live person answer the phone.  I find this makes my life much easier and things get answered quickly.

In my accounting position, I don’t get live people answering the phone very often.  This can be time consuming and in some cases frustrating when you need answers to important questions that in some cases could be an emergency.  Here at Sonitrol Pacific, we have a live person answering the phone every time.  She makes sure you get where you need to go quickly.  No more being on hold for 20 minutes, no being transferred to someone you don’t need and don’t want to talk to.  This to me is a “personal touch” that shows Sonitrol Pacific is a security company that cares about your well being as well as your home or business security.

I have worked for this company for almost 10 years.  I love my job and love what I do.  There are so many people out there that just “go to work”.  I enjoy coming to work.  I work with the best and I work with some great people.  Not many people can say they like going to work but here I do like coming to work every day.  It’s the people, and of course, I have a really great boss.  I hear stories about how someone’s boss is a ‘so-and-so.’  I honestly can’t relate.  She is a great boss and I love working for her.

I know Sonitrol Pacific Sound Security treats their employees with honesty, integrity and compassion.  Imagine how great we treat our clients.

If you are ever considering looking for a security company, call us first.  We stand by our mission statement to provide the best security systems, surveillance, remote access, smoke alarms, and more, and have done so for the past 35 years.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the highest level of security for their dollar invested and to provide customers with more than they feel they are paying for.