"I Just Needed to Use The Phone" And Other Intruder Lies

Back on February 1st, Verification Center Operator Kris dispatched Everett Police to a local coffee shop after receiving alarms from the shop’s window at 5 a.m. When police arrived, they found the suspect trying to pry the window open. His reason? “I just need to use the phone.”

The officers weren’t buying it and neither were the shop’s owners. The suspect was booked in jail and finally got access to a phone…for his one call from the clink.

The suspected burglars, trespassers and vandals that our verified security systems help catch are often full of excuses.

“I wasn’t going to actually steal anything;”

“I’ve never done this before;”

“I thought the door was open.”

Fortunately, our audio detection alarm systems never lie. Suspicious noise is suspicious noise, and it gets the police’s attention.

If you’re curious about what a break-in sounds like and how audio detection works, you can listen to actual incidents on our website and YouTube channel.