I have an idea…let’s steal some Popsicles!

At 9:30 p.m. on August 19, Sonitrol Pacific Verification Center operator Denise Smith received an alarm on the northwest hall door of a public elementary school in Everett. She heard two or three kids whispering inside the building, so she dispatched police and the school security service. In the moments before police arrived—having been notified earlier by neighbors that kids were on the school grounds—Denise heard loud crashing and running.

Upon arriving, police detained three juveniles. Another three were later caught and detained, according to the school patrol guard that assisted police. All of the youth were released to their parents.

The kids had apparently spotted an unsecured window earlier in the day and plotted their adventure until dark, when they entered through the window…and proceeded to take as much ice cream and popsicles from the teachers’ lounge as their little arms could carry.