Tip Tuesday: How to Start a Neighborhood Watch Group in Your Neighborhood

Does your neighborhood have a watch group already established? If not and you’re interested in starting one, keep reading. Neighborhood Watch Programs have been helping communities raise awareness and minimize crime since 1972. Below are some important steps to follow in order to start a program in your neighborhood and create a safer community. Click below to expand!

neighborhood watch group

1. Recruit as many neighbors as possible to help maximize your efforts.
2. Determine a set meeting time and place.
3. Register your Neighborhood Watch at www.nnw.org.
4. A uniformed officer will be assigned to your group and will schedule two meeting dates and times.
5. Assist in diagraming a neighborhood map marking the locations where Neighborhood Watch signs will be placed.
6. Discuss the issues of greatest concern in your neighborhood, and how to handle different types of situations.
7. Learn how to identify suspicious vehicles and suspects.
8. Learn how to recruit block captains.
9. Review the proper way to report criminal activity.
10. Check out www.nnw.org/register-watch for even more tips!