How Much Does Sonitrol Pacific Cost?

Sonitrol Pacific does not offer cheap security systems or bargain-basement prices. We can’t give you free installation or $15/month monitoring. But what we can give you is a security system that will truly cost you the least. In this time of low price – high cost alarm systems, it is important to remember the difference between price and cost.

Sonitrol Pacific’s audio advantage enables us to give our clients the highest return for their security dollar, and the cost is just a fraction of any other alarm.  Over sixty percent of our new business is replacing competitors’ alarms because they cost too much.  The number one cost of a conventional alarm is the high false alarm rate.  This cost results from overtime wages, lost production from key employees who are called out in the middle of the night, false alarm fines, and slower police response due to the credibility gap created.

How much does Sonitrol Pacific costThe number two cost of a conventional alarm is non-detection or late detection of an intrusion.  Due to the inherent weaknesses in the equipment our competitors have available, this is almost a given.  Because conventional alarm systems cannot detect the sounds made before actual entry, they rely on the possibility the burglar will go through a contacted door or window.  If the burglars don’t come through a contacted opening, our competitors’ alarms have to rely on motion detectors and other types of partial inside coverage.  If the motion detector is not blocked and the burglar goes into a protected area, the alarm will finally go off.  Time is crucial and this lost time is very “costly” to business owners.

The number three cost is very simply a lack of service or low quality service.  You would not believe how many times we hear “the reason we’re calling you is that we have been trying to get service from our present alarm company out here for over a week” or “I didn’t realize it, but our alarm is actually monitored back east and it took ten minutes before the police were even dispatched.” Sonitrol Pacific’s local Verification Center and two hour service response time eliminate these types of “costs.”

Though we are not the cheapest security company, our potential clients do say “this price is less than I thought it’d be!” pretty often. We are here to serve your every security need and keep your true “costs” for security as low as possible.  Please let us know if you would like to schedule a time for us to walk your space and present you with a quote for security.