Home Security Tips

By Michelle Evans
Posted February 18, 2008

While no home is entirely burglar-proof, burglars are usually attracted to an easy target. There are many steps you can take to reduce the risk of burglary, but the key to prevention is to be proactive. Below are some simple but helpful tips for those of us who need reminders about what to do when we’re away. I found this list on a site recently and thought it might be useful to share a shortened version:

– Trim shrubs and trees that obscure windows and doors. Make sure your home or business is clearly visible from the street and all of your entrances are well lit.
– Do not hide extra keys in flowerpots or under doormats, it’s the first place burglars look.
– Keep all doors – including garage doors – closed and locked at all times, even when you’re at home, but make sure you can exit quickly and easily if necessary.
– Install a peephole on the main entrance door.
– Install adequate locks on all windows and exterior doors.
– Post your house number clearly and keep it well lit at night. This will help the police respond to an emergency or assist in the reporting of one.
– When away from home, redirect your mail if a neighbor cannot collect it.
– Let Sonitrol Pacific know when you will be away from home, so we can note your account.
– Have a neighbor park in your driveway when you are away.
– Install timers for lights and TV/radio to create the appearance of occupancy.
– Be a good neighbor. Watch out for suspicious activity on your block and call for help immediately when you observe it.

Taking the right steps to secure your home makes a break-in difficult and makes you home unattractive to a would-be burglar. A well secured home combined with your Sonitrol Pacific security system is one of the strongest deterrents available today.